Coach Sean has been able to get my son to understand the art of throwing with the full body in a very short time with simple language that my 10 year old son understands. Sean is also extremely positive, which keeps my son motivated even when he may be struggling with a particular drill, etc. He’s a very good teacher and understands the mechanics of being a QB as well as anyone I’ve met (and I played QB in High School and attended many camps as a kid).
— Rick Young (Parent)
Amazing. Patient, clear, encouraging. Would recommend him to any parent wanting their child to learn proper technique in a positive environment.
— Linda Smith (Parent)
Coach Sean is very professional and organized. He came to our session with a great workout plan and executed it with enthusiasm and a thorough knowledge of what he was teaching. His technique was refreshing. His approach was effective. His drills were both creative and of a high level. Sean’s attention to detail is excellent. He is easy to work with for both parents and athletes alike. We really liked what he taught our son and plan to continue training with him often to better our son’s quarterbacking skills.
— Ashley Bush (Parent)
Coach Sean comes prepared with a plan to give you the most benefit out of each session. I highly recommend him to any one seeking to learn to play the QB position.
— Josh Oliver (Parent)
Sean’s knowledge of and approach to coaching the quarterback position is impressive. He is well-prepared and has a vision for how to aid in the development of an athlete.
— Wade Murphy (Athlete)
My son attended his first session a few days ago. Coach Sean did a great job explaining the purpose, and expected results, of each drill. Great job coach!!!
— John Celata (Parent)
Great session, well prepared.
— Natalie Bailey (Parent)